I take on a few clients at a time on a 1-on-1 capacity. 

This is intense work. 

The primary focus I typically work with is increasing your personal performance in life. This is not limited to work, sport, the gym, etc. This is about creating a fucking epic life now, not a decade down the road. 

You will be required to move fast, deal with your bullshit, and be better fast. 

Each person I work with takes a different path and so most of what will do will be tailored to your specific needs. Think of this like off the rack clothing, a shirt made for everyone fits no one. 

You can reach out to me via email me@bradypatterson to set up a chat and see if this is a fit for both of us.

You can also start using the payment plan and if we don't fit, I'll refund you 100% of your money. 



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