Lifestyle Architecture 101

Welcome to your entry point for Lifestyle Architecture. This is where you begin to design the life you want, just like that house you want to build there are simple steps to design a life that lights you up!

In designing a life, there are two clear components to know. 

1. Where you are.

2. Where you want to go. 

Everything after that is simply part of the design process. That process is what you will find in this course. A simple and profound set of design tools to help you draft your ultimate life. 

The process will take you about 10 days to complete. Of course, you can take as long as you want but not as short. This is crafted to give you space to chew on some of the features you want to invest in. You will get some of it immediately and then more will appear every few days to allow time for the creativity to flow. 

These principles are the same for everyone, universal. If you put in the work to apply them they will return in kind. 

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Lifestyle Architecture 101

This is a primer on creating a kick ass life you're happy to be engaged in. Creating that life is a lot like creating a home. Spend the time getting it right and the benefits are awesome! Secret passages and slides, check! Okay, that's more on the house end. But what's inside your design? What makes you tick?


This is the same process I have taken many people through in my private practice at $1000 a pop. The price reflected the personal time I spent with the clients and now that I'm freeing up some of that time I want to pass those savings to you. No major sales pitches here. You either like this idea or not. If yes, it's $197.